Good Dog, Whiskey

A Dog's Journey into the Afterlife.

Whiskey's owner is dead.

The funeral long past, Whiskey still waits in front of the boy's gravestone. With eyes straight ahead, he patiently and desperately, waits for his friend to return.

But loyalty does not stop time, and Death offers no return. Exhausted, Whiskey rests his head on the ground, and closes his eyes...

... and then opens them. The grave has transformed and opened like a gaping sinkhole. Inside the grave, ominous stairs lead down into darkness.

Scared and confused, Whiskey bravely creeps down into the black swallowing the stairs. He knows: his friend is down there.


"This story made me miss all the dogs who have been my friend over the years. It was a touching story about the loyalty of one such dog and his Person, a story of two inseparable souls. The artwork and storyline blended perfectly. What a great tale of love, thank-you k. kobi!"

"Beautiful illustration and a heart wrenching story about the lengths a dog will go to for his best friend. Brought me to tears."

"Through excellent black and white graphics, the author creates feelings of despair and hope in exploring the idea of an afterlife. What happens when we die and does the manner of our dying and the life we have led, influence our journey and destination? Is there redemption and forgiveness?"


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